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AGES is a character that appears in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, representing both the game and Sega as a whole. It speaks in various soundbites from Daytona USA, Sega consoles and Afterburner: Climax.


AGES is a Dreamcast VMU (Visual Memory Unit) which can literally transform into trademarks of Sega's past. It starts most races off as a Hornet Stock Car from Daytona USA, then when it hits water, it transforms into a Dreamcast controller. When it flies off into the air, it becomes an F-14 Tomcat from Afterburner. Its home track is Race of Ages.


  • "AGES" is "SEGA" spelled backwards.
    • Its name is also a reference to one of Sega's mottos: To Be This Good takes AGES/To Be This Good takes SEGA.
  • When it transforms into an aircraft, it emits the trademark "SEGA!" soundbite. When it transforms into a car, it emits the end of the Japanese Sega Saturn boot-up jingle. When it transforms into a watercraft, it emits Dreamcast menu sounds.
  • In its plane and car forms, AGES communicates through radio transmissions. In his boat form, AGES communicates through sounds from the Dreamcast's start up menu, the VMU's infamous no battery beep, and the Dreamcast's infamously loud disk reader noises.
  • The Hornet form is based on a Chevrolet Lumina Nascar.


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